The travel industry in China is continuously booming. Lately, there has been an enormous flow in domestic Mainland tourism, and for the next decade, a massive growth in foreign travellers is expected. Here are some facts on how many tourists visit China each year and other interesting figures.

Foreign Travellers Visiting China

For foreign travellers, China is such a popular destination country. People are captivated because of their way of life and different culture, fast development, ancient cities, and natural highlights. Since intra-Asia tourism has been growing lately, there have been some changes in where travellers come from, what they like to do, and their favorite destinations.

In 2014, a total of 56 million foreign tourists visited China, and its total inbound travel numbers have kept essentially steady between 2007 and 2014. By far, the largest fraction of these foreign tourists is ethnic Chinese people from Taiwan, Macau, and Hong Kong. This is because it is easy for them to travel to the Mainland, and many of them come for education, work, family reasons, and business.

Around 26 million tourists from non-Chinese regions and countries came to China in both 2013 and 2014. Since 2007, the numbers on how many tourists visit China each year had kept steady when around 26 million non-Chinese tourists visited.

After France and the USA, China is overall the third most visited tourist destination country. However, if Macau and Hong Kong are included, China is most like the number one most popular tourist destination.

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Most Foreign Travellers Are From Asia

Regarding percentage, Asian travellers coming to China are increasing. Nowadays, Asians are setting aside more money for sightseeing and travelling. South Koreans have the biggest number of non-Chinese foreign travellers, with around four million people that visited China. In numbers, they were followed by tourists from Japan, Russia, USA, Vietnam, Malaysia, and Mongolia. Around 20% of foreign travellers are from Europe (about half are from Russia). It only makes sense that neighbouring countries of China have the most contribution in tourists.

Decrease in Travellers from the USA

Travellers from America are the fourth largest foreign tourists in China. The country is popular with the American people, but visitors have been slightly decreasing since it reached a high of about 2.1 million American tourists in 2012. Some of the factors that affected the number of Americans visiting China include the fall of the US dollar value compared to the Yuan, economic crisis, ageing American population, and the news about pollution. Around 2 million Americans visited in 2014, which makes up around 11% of the foreign tourism market that year.

Booming Domestic Tourism

Domestic tourism is as important as how many tourists visit China each year because the largest portion of their tourism market is travellers from within Mainland China. Hundreds of millions of Chinese people find a spare time and save extra money to travel, not to mention they also have an excellent transportation system. Every year, the domestic tourism in China is increasing at 10%.

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